Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Couldn't Resist

I went to the craft show at Aintree Racecourse last weekend with one of my daughters. As is the norm I spent most of my pennies on my daughter (which I am always very pleased to do) especially as she has now got an interest in a craft. She has expressed a wish to do quilting which has made me very excited at the thought of many happy hours choosing fabric and helping her begin her project. Can't wait!

I did actually spend something on myself as I could not resit buying these craft bags to store some of my bits and pieces. My excuse was that it will help tidy my workroom! I just love the colour. I also bought some wire and beads to knit with. Petrol/Kingfisher blue must be my colour at the moment.


Alis said...

Fab purchases Jan. The bags look so useful and the knitting is great.

Looking forward to seeing Emma joining us in the textile world ;0)

Judy said...

The wire knitting is interesting. What will the finished item be? Looks like it could be a braclet.